For those of you around the globe who have never heard of DAFUG, we suggest you click the "Who is DAFUG?" menu selection at left. This website exists predominantly to serve the needs of Detroit's own neighborhood DAFUG members. However, one of the most common and pressing needs of DAFUG members is to interact with the world wide community of Visual FoxPro, and FoxPro (DOS and Windows) developers. Your presence and input in this site is welcomed and appreciated.

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Our next meeting will take place:

October 12, 2017  

1) Putting the Pieces Together for Web Development By Toni Feltman of Quicken Loans [A Southwest Fox rehearsal]

Up until recently I just didn't "get" how all pieces fit together when it came to Web Development. I knew and understood the basic fundamentals like HTML, CSS, Javascript, ASP.NET, and so on. What I never could fully grasp was how the pieces should be assembled. I read articles, watched videos, and even deployed a web site built upon a simple web framework that someone else wrote. I still couldn't make sense of it after following the step-by-step directions. It was not until I began to match up web techniques and components with things I had done in Visual FoxPro that I really started to understand.

This session will take you on a journey building parallel systems (a simple one) using both FoxPro and web technologies so that you can better understand how to build web applications using common architecture.

You will learn:

  • Basic web terminology and how it relates to Visual FoxPro terms
  • Using layers appropriately for various application types (Web Terminology = Layers)
  • How to quickly and easily build simple web applications using your Visual FoxPro experience
  • To understand how the web pieces fit together and should be assembled

2) Anything else people want to talk about.

Are you interested in presenting to DAFUG? Show off something cool in software development you believe your peers might be interested in hearing about?

We are always looking for volunteers and topics (please email or )

Meetings are typically followed by food, FoxPro, and developer discussion at a local restaurant.


Regular meetings take place 2 times a year. See schedule below

Members and visitors are welcome to join us at our gatherings that meet at the:

Comfort Suites
24977 NW Hwy.
Southfield, MI 48076

Small Meeting Room on 1st Floor

Click here for a map


All meetings start at 6:00 and usually go to 7:30pm - 8:00pm
Followed by informal FoxPro chat at a local eatery.


  Date Topic


  October 12, 2017 Regular Meeting: [Southwest Fox Rehearsal - Toni Feltman, "Putting the Pieces Together for Web Development"]  
  November 9, 2017 Dinner gathering  
  December 14, 2017 Dinner gathering  
  January, 2018 Dinner gathering  
  February, 2018 Dinner gathering  
  March, 2018 Dinner gathering  
April, 2018 Dinner gathering
  May, 2018 Dinner gathering  
June, 2018 Dinner gathering
  July, 2018 No Meeting  
  August, 2018 Dinner gathering  
  September, 2018 Regular Meeting: [Southwest Fox Rehearsal TBD]  
  Other Topics Planned but Not Scheduled

*** Calendar: You can download a vCalendar file (VCS). If you select Open it will open the scheduled meeting so you can directly save it into your Outlook calendar. This format is supported by many scheduling packages. Consult the Help file to learn how to use this functionality.

** Note: All of these dates are either the 2nd or 3rd Thursday of the month so please verify the date.

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DAFUG has reduced meetings from 6 times a year to 2 times a year. The other nine months a year members are welcome to join together for dinner at a predetermined restauarant.
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We are still looking for presenters for 2017. Interested? Contact Rick Schummer to volunteer.
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